Anthea Rowan, worked in the consumer tech industry for years, spending her days rushing from her casual office to formal client meetings to cocktails with friends—always with her laptop (among other things) in tow. For years now, she’s been on a quest to find a handbag that allows her to go seamlessly from one event to another, but so far, the perfect bag had completely eluded her.
Disappointed by the lack of versatility in the handbag & laptop bag market, she wondered if she was alone. She spoke to friends and colleagues about the bags they were using for work. The majority, like her, were carrying multiple bags to the office, creating a hodgepodge system to carry their workout gear, tech devices, lunch, and makeup. Many had simply abandoned any effort to look elegant on their commute.
With her background in design, product development & consumer tech, Rowan left her day job and set out to create the perfect work-life bags as a part of a collection of premium tech accessories designed specifically for the modern Business Woman. Code Republic was born!
Code Republic Fashionable Laptop Bag are both beautiful and functional.
Driven by innovation and meticulous design, Code Republic is passionate about pushing fashion boundaries with its hybrid Premium Womens Laptop Bag line. Designed specifically to address the needs of today’s modern Business Woman, who needs to transition from work to play with effortless style, the collection integrates daily practicalities with a directional sense of style, presenting a varied edit of vibrant hues, luxe finishes and classic pieces across the Womens Designer Laptop Bag & Accessories collection




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