Work from anywhere in style


The distinctively ‘CODE REPUBLIC’ organization system and structure to the interior has been intelligently crafted and is one of absolute functionality creating a more immersive organized experience to instantly equip an elegant woman with all she needs for her day ahead. Pockets for Laptop, Tablet, Stylus, Cables, Chargers, Lipstick, Sunglasses, Keys & Water Bottle. Finished with a top closing zip to keep everything concealed. Ultra-compact and all impressively configured around the daily needs of the Modern Woman.

Seamlessly transition from daytime to night


This bold statement piece work bag will overwhelm the senses through its world-renowned design, versatility & exquisite craftsmanship. leaving a lasting impression well beyond the workday. The effortless, inherent day to night design delivers the perfect balance of style with versatility to ensure the bag is exactly the right amount of luxe for any occasion.



We convey a subtle rebellious ideology. The Republic in our sense, is reached by women in business who are bold and progressive, evolving into new more modern, socially inclusive club where #Smart-is-the-new-sexy. We are stylish, sophisticated, and feminine, but not dainty or weak. We Inspire elegance but also come with a “don’t mess with me” air.

Our designer laptop handbags are strong, bold, and logical therefore assertive, focused and to the point. An extension of the modern woman in the boardroom that matches her confidence.

The premise of a republic is equality, truth-seeking and belonging to the people. We are not elitist, we are astute without pretensions; confident without being loud. Exuding aspiration, confidence, insidership, compassion, and a sense of duty

Anthea Rowan


I had an early background as a fashion designer and a decade working in the consumer tech industry with PC & Tech Accessories. I could see women spending thousands of dollars on their high end laptops yet there were no premium tech accessories of equal design and quality for women to elegantly carry their valuable device in.

I felt it was my purpose & duty to design high end statement piece work bags & accessories that were the perfect combination of elegant design, sumptuous materials, unrivalled craftsmanship, and thoughtful tech centric features. 

What makes my handbag & accessories brand so unique is that tech is ALWAYS at the forefront of my designs unlike most other luxury handbag brands. Most may be beautifully designed yet lack the features & strength required to organize and protect the multitude of devices we all carry around everyday. 

reducing the gender gap in tech

Brand on a mission

We are a luxury tech accessory brand woman can turn to, to see how tech can be more relevant to our lives. Normalising tech in everyday conversations in the same way we talk about fashion. We make women feel capable and empowered rather than intimidated. Making all women included in the tech world rather than completely removed and unengaged.

My belief is that women's interest in tech would grow as a result over time and ultimately, if more women have an interest, it will eventually result in more women pursuing tech careers, bringing the much-needed diversity required in the industry. I am on a bold mission to reduce the gender gap in tech. If we expect a change in the industry, then it all starts with creating an image of tech that is desirable and alluring to women. Anthea Rowan