6 corporate wardrobe staples to set you apart from the rest

Brydie Allen for Code Republic

Staying poised and polished all week every week is no easy feat in the corporate world. But whatever your personal taste, looking the part in an office is super important. Feeling confident in your look helps you feel confident in the work you’re doing and lets you perform better overall. 

When you’re free from the restrictions of a work uniform, the daily fashion possibilities can truly be endless. For some, that’s amazing - an opportunity to flaunt their style and personality on a daily basis. For others? Well, they may wish there was a uniform.

Setting your professional wardrobe up for success can be more straightforward than you think. Going beyond the overdone white-top-black-pants norm, we’re here to help you with ideas on how to gather some timeless and unique staples. You’ll be able to seamlessly fit into any office’s dress code and get daily compliments for your look. 


1- Silk top

This is a great choice to add to your wardrobe because of the luxurious feel and excellent drape of silk. If this is your first silk top, you could start with a basic blouse. Then, as you’re finding your feet, you can experiment with different detailing and necklines.

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Where to shop: Try the Mesa silk top from Saba, or the Silk Shirt from Country Road.


2- Perfectly tailored pants

Finding a tailored fit and size that perfectly complements your body is key. When you’ve got that, don’t be afraid to try something other than black on your bottom half. Houndstooth is having a moment right now and so are bright block colours like red.

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  1. Where to shop: Reiss has an excellent range (like the ‘Laura’ in teal blue). We also like Atmos & Here from The Iconic (like these cigarette pants in red)

3-Laptop friendly bag
Stay fashionable when you’re carting your work life around with a sleek stylish tote. Save space and protect your tech by looking for a bag with a separate section to keep your laptop cushioned and out of the way. Going for classic neutral colours like navy and grey also ensures you’ll match the rest of your wardrobe.

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Where to shop: Go no further - we’ve got you covered! Check out our SAVANNAH Leather Laptop bag.


4-Power coat

Don’t dampen your corporate look by covering it up in the cold. A softly brushed texture coat with a collared neckline and long hem is the perfect piece to keep you warm (and stylish). Stand out in the crowd by avoiding black and going for a colour that suits you and the rest of your staples, like a maroon or a camel. 

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Where to shop: Forever New has a fitted ‘Ariel’ coat that looks great in maroon. 

5-Statement necklace

Investing in a few favourite statement pieces gives you the chance to make every ensemble unique and jazz up the basics in your wardrobe. Keep it versatile by choosing pieces that sit around your collar. A chunky jewelled chain is perfect.

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Where to shop: For the budget shopper, Lovisa always has a tonne of options. A designer option is the Amber Sceats line. 

6-Flowing midi

Shake up the pencil skirt routine by adding an elegant flowing midi to the mix. Styled the right way, it can make an outfit more formal or poised (while also being more comfortable!). Try to stay away from linen midis as they have the risk of coming off too casual.
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Where to shop: Try the Ribbed Skirt from Veronika Maine.
Brydie Allen for Code Republic


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